Beds made tight, accessories clean and perfectly placed, just like a magazine.  The professional housekeeping team from Vacation Rental Authority is now available to clean your home with the expertise, care and passion we're known for!

Vacation Rental Authority Inc. was founded in 2012 as a full service management company in Coeur d'Alene, and the surrounding area. Currently serving over 60 super-busy vacation homes throughout north Idaho, this well-trained team has built trust and local experience throughout the community with their exceptional attention to detail and love of everything "clean."

Expertise in cleaning valuable surfaces such as wood floors, stone, granite and crystal is second nature.  High-end finishes such as custom tile, brass, silver and stained glass are lovingly cared for and cleaned or polished to their intended shine.

Passion for housekeeping goes beyond the spray and polish, however. Each item has a special place in your home, and this team carefully stages to maintain your preferred look and feel.  Look forward to the beautiful designer look you expect each time you come home. 

Along with the professional housekeeping team, Vacation Rental Authority also provides services from their professional maintenance team!  This means you have access to a full range of interior and exterior services with a single phone call.

Home sweet home.